Wednesday, October 27, 2010

choose life

We humans have choices about how we treat the natural environment and one another. We can be apathetic to destruction, or we can take a step of genuine faith by awakening from spiritual torpor and fighting for the lives of one another and the planet we depend on.

Karen Baker-Fletcher


Mary'sCorner said...

I love all the pictures you post of the orange boys when they little. So sweet. And, of course, I love the messages you put out there re: taking care of each other and the planet. I saw a LOT of recycling and environmental protection activity during my trip to the Northeast and was encouraged by all the efforts.

Deb Shucka said...

Yes, life.

Are you hungry for kitten? Missing their adorable cuteness?

Carrie Link said...

True that!

Kathryn Grace said...

Thank you for this. So deeply important. Just learned today that the Washington Post published an article on a new study that says 20 percent of all vertebrates face extinction, along with a third of all sharks and rays, and the list is growing every day.