Saturday, October 30, 2010

let's just be clear about this...

...Vegans don't eat any animal products (including honey and dairy). Vegetarians don't eat flesh of any kind but may be lacto-ovo (eat eggs and dairy). Some will not eat anything with a face (i.e., will eat shrimp) and some will not eat mammals (i.e., will eat fish and birds).

...I cannot recognize you on Facebook--or anywhere else--by pictures of your animals or your favorite celebrities or anything else that is not your face!

...Christian values, as I grew up understanding them, have to do with love and kindness and respect--NOT telling others what to do, judging them for what they do, or restricting their right to choose what to do.

...Just because information is touted by someone on TV it doesn't mean it is true. Much of what gets passed on as truth is opinion. Learn the difference.

...The same is true for the Internet.

...While not voting is your right just as much as voting is, the decision not to vote is passive and (in my opinion) removes one's right to complain about who gets voted in and how they are performing.

...Turn signals--they have a purpose. If yours is blinking, I expect you to turn toward the one that blinks. If neither of them is blinking--don't turn.

...Health care reform and insurance premiums: I know we don't all agree about the new plan. That's okay. But here's the deal...even without the reform, those of us who have insurance are paying for those who don't have insurance and aren't paying. With the reform, more people will be able to get insurance who couldn't because of pre-existing conditions. It may not be as good as I hoped, but it is not as bad as some of you think it is. So let's work to make it something we can all want and live with.

...Just because someone hasn't had insurance doesn't mean automatically that they are lazy.

...Some of the above is fact and some is opinion.


kario said...

Consider me straightened out!

You go, girl.

Kathryn Grace said...

You go, Wanda! Tell it like it is. Keep talkin'. We need your voice.

Joan said...

Thanks for being brave enough to tell it like it is!

Deb Shucka said...

Laughing. I love it when you share like this. So with you on the blinker thing.