Thursday, July 21, 2011

love thursday 07.21.11 ~ being reminded

Lose yourself, lose yourself in this love.
When you lose yourself in this love,
you will find everything.


Today was a bad traffic day on the way home after the third hour-long doctor appointment of the day--not all mine. I was tired...and a bit cranky.

The person ahead of me was turning left. There was a left turn lane. However, she managed to steer only half of her mega-SUV into the turn lane leaving the other half in the lane of through traffic. I had choice words for her.

SO had to remind me..."and I love you for no reason at all." Sigh.

The good news. Upon being reminded, I embraced "I love you for no reason at all" without attitude.

The other good news? SO reminded me. Now there is at least one other person thinking about love...for no reason at all.

Love someone today...for any reason or no reason. Just love someone.


Joan said...

A wonderful reminder. And a wonderful quote.

Deb Shucka said...

Lots of power in this little story! I hope all those appointments yielded some healing answers for you both.

Love to you - for many reasons (and for no reason at all).

Kathryn Grace said...

Perfect timing, finding this. I spent some time today with Spirit and with the spirits of two people who have done much harm to people I love. I have no reason to love the ones who harm my beloveds. Lots of reasons to despise them. Yet, somehow, there was love. I cannot say it was mine, but somehow, in that space, I knew we were loved, all three of us, for no reason. Just because we are an expression of the Beloved.

Thank you for continuing to bring up the concept of loving for no reason. I give gratitude that your SO is with you in this. Always comforting, that level of companionship.