Friday, July 01, 2011

second friday this week

I swear, all day yesterday was Friday. I like Fridays so if I am going to have two of anything, this is a good day to double up.

I'm picking up my computer this morning. "Oh, they fixed it!" you say.

No...not so much. I insisted that I have it back because I have deadlines to meet and my anxiety level is rising steadily. They'll call me when the part is in. Yes, the bulbs that will allow me to see the screen.

I asked if they have an external display that they could rent to me for the duration. I think they are actually going to loan it to me.

I decided before I called them today that I would practice Love For No Reason at All. My computer isn't fixed, but I have a short term solution and I feel better about all of it.

That counts.

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Joan said...

I am so proud of you!!!