Friday, July 29, 2011

shrew #2

I was sitting in my chair. I heard HoneyBoy come in and head up the stairs. His breathing was funny. Something was not right. I jumped to my feet and headed up the stairs after him.

At the landing, a shrew cowered in the corner--live. HoneyBoy's breathed fine. Shrews squeal, apparently.

HoneyBoy picked up the rodent and headed for the front door. I closed it behind him--them.

Some time later, HoneyBoy came in the kitty door...with the shrew in his mouth--still alive. I opened the front door and started praising and coaxing HoneyBoy to pick up his prize and go out again. He kept dropping and playing with it, in no hurry to be tricked outside again.

Shrew started to escape. I stepped in front of it. It moved to the right. I stepped in front of it with the other foot, trapping it in the V between my heels. "Help!" I called to SO.

SO grabbed a dish towel and reached between my feet to grasp the shrew. Got 'im! They all went out the front door--HoneyBoy, SO, and the shrew. I locked the kitty door. SO, my hero, I allowed back in.


Deb Shucka said...

Laughing! So glad HB and his new shrew friends are having such a great time. :-)

kario said...

I hope he doesn't hold it against you. Sounds like he's making up for lost time ;-)

Sandi said...

Funny! I think you were brave to corner the shrew with your feet. Thank goodness you had someone there to rescue you (and the shrew). And, so nice of you to let your SO back in. :)