Saturday, July 02, 2011

update on the three c's

My computer is home, but not fixed. I have a "loaner" external display. Two trips to the computer store to get it all working, but at least I can now do what I need to do on my own machine. Theoretically, they will call me next week when the part is in. Having their monitor increases the likelihood that I will hear from them.

On another note, the battery is completely dead. So dead that it was interfering with the machine's ability to boot up. Will. Not. Charge. That's how dead it is. Sitting in the shop for two weeks not being plugged in completely drained it beyond redemption. So, now I get to buy a new battery, too. Sigh.

When I left the computer shop, my car wouldn't start. This is an ongoing, intermittent problem. Unfortunately, the replacement of the alternator earlier in the week didn't fix that, too. Oh, well. It runs. I am grateful. When this happens, I just take the key out and reintroduce it to the car--remind them they know each other.

The cat improves daily. The incision is looking well-healed. We have been able to spread his pain meds out a bit. He's getting around better all the time. We found out he can run, too, even though he is not supposed to. We were outside. He was wearing his collar and leash, as per instructions. A car went by and scared him. He ran. I didn't have a good enough grip. He took off into the greenspace and I did what I always do in those situations. I swore.

Fortunately, he was easy to catch. I expect it didn't feel very good once he stopped running. That was a lot of effort and he is not supposed to run or jump for another week. Here's hoping he didn't hurt anything.

None of the three c's is well. All are workable and improving. And for now...that's as good as it gets.


Joan said...

Just be thankful for improvement. It is better than it was, but not as good as it is going to get.

Mary'sCorner said...

Amen. Joan!