Sunday, December 18, 2011

10 things about Saturday

10. I am grumpy.

9. I worked--actually went to the office...on Saturday.

8. I tasted the eggnog...twice.

7. My new computer will be here next week. Yes, I did it.

6. Continued on my clean up campaign by deleting all the "unavailable" titles from my Blockbuster queue. ( counts!)

5. Forgot to unload the kitty litter from the trunk...again.

4. We have 3 new plug-ins: two switched and one direct...ergo, fewer extension cords.

3. Didn't look at my To Do List once. Still got a lot done. Maybe next time I look, I can cross some things off.

2. Still no inkling about my word for next year. (Deb is right: two years of "Beloved" would be all right.)

1. I truly am blessed...grumpy and all.

1 comment:

Kathryn Grace said...

There is something about sharing a list like this that always makes me smile. I love the everydayness of it, the embedded promise of hope short term and long term, how it shows us a bit of you, acknowledges frailty and strength. Thank you.