Saturday, December 31, 2011

good bye 2011

(mijo drinking from the faucet)

Differences in religious beliefs, politics, social status, and position are all secondary. When we look at someone with compassion, we are able to see beyond these secondary differences and connect to the primary essence that binds all humans together as one.

HH Dalai Lama

I'm looking for something different in 2012. Something uplifting, encouraging, connecting, healing. Something that brings us together rather than tearing us apart.

I'm hoping we find that primary essence HHDL talks about.

As far as differences go, I'm hoping that we only see them in order not to be bored with each other. That we see our differences as exciting and fun and interesting.

Time to start celebrating different. And perhaps, celebrating differently, as well.

Good bye 2011. Don't forget to kiss me before you leave.

But you, Beloved, you can stay. I have enjoyed spending this year with you. We can kiss all the time...if you like.

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Joan said...

Yes. It is time for the world to be different...better. Welcome 2012!