Monday, December 12, 2011

things i noticed this weekend...

...when I watch movies I need subtitles--even for the ones in English...American English.

...I put up the Christmas tree. I spent quite a bit of time getting all the lights in the string to work. I put them on the tree. Half went out. takes an extraordinary amount of time to save a few bucks by fixing the stuff that doesn't work. spite of the fact that I got a lot done this weekend, I didn't mark much off my list.

...I have far more attachments to how my prayers get answered than I really want to own up to.

..."freezing fog" is bone-chilling, foot-cicle cold.

...when the floor crunches as you walk on it, it is time to sweep. hair looks great...just in time to go to bed.

...sometimes two pair of back-up glasses is not enough--one in the shop with a broken temple; the other popped a lens out and I will never see the screw again.

...I rubbed the bump off the F on my keyboard. Mom says it's because I use the F-word so much.


Susan O'Neil said...

I need the subtitles too! Luckily, our old, old tv has a closed catpion option. I use it all the time!

kario said...

We've started plugging the lights in before we ever start putting them on the tree to avoid that one.

The part about being attached to how your prayers are answered spoke to me (and I suspect a lot of others). Hmmm.

When the floor crunches, it's time to get a dog. Cats are terrific but useless at cleaning floor detritus.

Thanks for the laugh!

Wanda said...

Kario...yeah, that was all the time I spent getting them to work. Then I put them on and plugged them in. The formerly completely working string of lights was now 1/2 a string. Oh, well.