Thursday, May 03, 2012

love thursday 05.03.12 ~ ease

God always entices us through love.

Richard Rohr

I'm still thinking about ease. Being in the Beloved is ease. How quickly I forget. How I love being reminded in all ways, big and small.

I can't say that I am entirely uncranky yet. This patch of attitude still needs some weeding, yet the fruit still grows. Truth is, I am enticed by love. I keep returning to that flow and wanting to walk in it--swim in it daily.

Sigh. Some days I float downstream. Other days, I just can't overcome the upstream current. I am remembering that it is the same for others. At least for today, I remember.

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Kathryn Grace said...

Your post reminds me of a time when life was rather dismal, so difficult I could hardly bear to get up in the morning.

One such day, I dreamt I was in a raging river, floating so fast I could not possibly stay afloat, tumbling every which way.

I screamed to the angels for help, for there was no one else, and one guided me to shore where I lay on a grassy bank for hours, breathing painfully.

Finally, I slept. Rain on my face woke me. Lots of rain. The ground was soggy under me. I dragged myself up and stumbled to a cottage with a thin line of smoke coming out the chimney.

Inside, the people were hard, unwelcoming, but they gave me a bowl of broth and something to drink.

I stayed till spring, working to earn my keep, the people rarely speaking to me.

In the spring, a rose over a garden gate began to leaf and bud. Later it bloomed. Birdsong was in the air, and I sang too. Soon the people around me began to sing.

We grew a garden that summer, laughed and sang a lot. We whitewashed the walls of the house inside and out, so it was much more cheery. We repaired furnishings and clothing and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

That winter, we were companionable. We had always a fire in the hearth and continued to laugh a lot.

After that dream, a change began to happen. Life was still quite difficult, but I found more reasons to laugh and sing. Whenever I felt as though I could not go on, I remembered the river and the comfort of the grassy bank.

Gradually, I found ways to bring more cheer into my life, and eventually, worked my way out of the morass.

Sometimes I wonder why I feel impelled to share a story like this, but I'll leave it, since it is here.