Saturday, May 12, 2012

my three greatest thrills of the day

1) I got a new mop. You've already heard my housecleaning status. I got a mop on day two. It broke before I could finish the whole house. I took it back. Today, I got a new wet/dry dust mop. I even swept again.

2) I found the GFCI in the garage. Two outlets stopped working--suddenly...mysteriously. I looked everywhere. I consulted my friend. I consulted the Internet. The consensus seemed to be that a GFCI had been tripped. No GFCI existed that I could find--at least, not one that was in any way connected to the outlets that stopped working. Then I remembered that the builder had given us pictures of the house under construction so we could see how wiring and plumbing had been done. Not only did I remember that we had the pictures, but SO found them! One picture in the garage showed a potential outlet not otherwise in evidence. I counted the studs from the door to the outlet in the picture, multiplied by 16, measured that many inches along the wall, and moved the boxes that were on the front of the GFCI...that had been tripped. I pushed the button. The outlets now work. I didn't have to call an electrician after all.

3) I caught the shrew that HoneyBoy brought in the house. We came home from dinner and HoneyBoy stared intently at a spot between a chair and lamp. SO said, "Oh oh." And rightly so. I moved the chair. The shrew made a break. I got a rag from the kitchen and came back to the spot. Neither HoneyBoy nor I could find the little bugger. I moved the lamp. The shrew ran and HoneyBoy followed. He made a u-turn and came toward me. When he was within reach, I threw the rag over him. Got him. Then I threw him out. Threw the cat out, too.

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Joan said...

This made me laugh!