Tuesday, January 13, 2009

16 things* about me...

(Project 365 ~ 01.12.09)

I drink black, unadulterated coffee. The only exceptions to this are cafe sua da or cafe granita.

I am an empath and a...what's the word for someone who feels others' physical feelings in her body? Both of these can be wonderful--and challenging.

I am a patriot who abhors war. What better way to "support our troops" than to want them to stay alive?

I have more money invested in my teeth than in my retirement account. I may not be able to afford food when I am retired, but by golly, if someone invites me to dinner I'll be able to chew.

I have swum with--and actually touched--a dolphin (it was in captivity and touching was allowed).

I love thermal pajamas with pockets in the pants (sometimes I even wake up with my hand in the pocket).

I majored in theatre in college. I love going to the theatre and sometimes it is really bittersweet because I would love to be up there, involved with the production...especially on stage.

I make lists. Getting things out of my head and on paper helps me. Sometimes I end up with a pile of lists; then I go through them to consolidate back to one. I love checking things off. Sometimes when I accomplish a task that wasn't on my list originally, I write it down and cross it off. That way I can see what I have really accomplished. And it feels so good to cross things off a list.

I love shoes...and boots...and flip flops...and Crocs.

When I go to Hawaii, I feel like I am at home. At least once every trip someone thinks I am local. I am honored.

Sometimes when I read others' blogs, I wonder if I should leave a comment--I almost feel intrusive--but then I think about how much I love it when the lurkers un-lurk at my blog, so I do.

I am currently reading and studying about the Mayan Calendar and I find it fascinating. I am curious about whether anyone else out there is interested, too. Are you? I am sure I will be posting tidbits as I learn more.

As much as I love blogging and taking photos, I have been slow to get my stuff uploaded to flickr (or any other related site). I'll get there. Somehow, thinking about it, I feel kind of exposed. (I have no idea why that would be different from this!)

Only for a brief time in my 20s did I want to have children. I taught public school for several years and spent a lot of time with kids. I love other people's kids. I am glad my parents had kids. And I am content with the decision I made not to have children.

I am somewhat ambidextrous. I play sports and do gross motor skills right handed. I eat, write, and do fine motor skills left handed.

I know a lot about health, healing, and natural remedies. Much of it, I have learned in self-defense. Whenever possible, I look for the non-pharmaceutical approach to getting well.

There. That's 16. Consider yourself tagged. When you've posted, come on back and leave your link here. I'd love to read your list.

*A response to Something Cheeky, Mother May I, and kelly rae.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I will get cracking on my list - it's fun!

I totally guessed you were a fellow list maker! WHAT is better than check, checking?

L~ said...

what's an empath? Am I supposed to know this? Curiosity...

Wanda said...

An empath is someone who feels what another person is feeling at the moment. It is usually used to refer to emotional feelings. I do that, but I also sometimes feel the physical feelings that others' are feeling and I don't know the name for that.

Are you supposed to know this? I don't know. But I am glad you asked.

'Cause that's what I do...answer questions.