Friday, January 02, 2009

Ten Things about Today.

(My beverage of choice.)

1) Woke up to more snow this morning.

2) Accomplished a task that has been in my inbox since last October. No...not that one. October 2007.

3) Drove top down for errands this afternoon--until it started hailing, sleeting, snowing, and raining all at once.

4) SO got to try out a Christmas of these!

5) Played with my new Gorillapod.

6) Partook of my favorite beverage.

7) Managed to take self-portrait #2 of my Project 365.

8) Saw this wonderful story online.

9) And watched this amazing clip. My family is in Tillamook County. This did not happen to them--thankfully.

10) And not enough has been made about Lars and the Real Girl. Oh. My. God. Rent it. Watch it. I loved it. I cried. I laughed. Incredibly well written and acted.

(I think San Pellegrino should advertise on my blog. Don't you?)


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I am trying to kick my Pellegrino habit, actually, but I sure do love it! You're so right, not enough has been made about "Lars and the Real Girl!" That movie has really stuck with me, for all the obvious reasons, plus it's just a great movie.

Great list!

contemporary themes said...

I've seen Lars and the Real Girl at least 3 times. Maybe more! It was my favorite movie of 07!

Great list!

Unknown said...

The Muse was here. I sent Neal a hint to get me one of those SUV warmers for his very cold car. Now if there was something similar for cooling in the summer. Now I'm going to go see if Lars is on netflix. Hugs!