Friday, January 23, 2009

6 Road

Today is 6 Road in the Mayan Calendar.

The calendar is determined by a combination of 13 "tones" and 20 "sun signs" for a total of 260 days. The 260 cycle is based on the return of Venus in the sky. Venus is a feminine sign--the planet of love, affection, attraction, harmony, merging, values, nurturing, social urges, art, beauty--you get the drift.

Oh, my...can you imagine what a world would be like if those things were in the background of everyone's consciousness?

According to the Mayans, we choose the day we are born and the tone and sign for that day tell us our purpose in this life. Everyone knows it. The entire community supports and nurtures that purpose in each individual from day one.

Imagine again...knowing why you are here, what your role is in the community, and having everyone respect, value, and support you in your purpose. When we walk through life in sync with our tone and sign, we are in communion with the Divine and everyone else. Imagine! (I'm beginning to sound like John Lennon here....)

"Six" (6) is the tone of flow. It is movement and process, creativity and change, steady progress and perseverance for the long haul.

"Road" is the archetype of leadership through service--being the guide to the future through humble, empathic presence and example.

Today is my Mayan birthday. Knowing this information explains a great deal to me about myself and my urge to be of service in this world at this time...this lifetime. Knowing my tone and sign helps eliminate the impulse to compare myself to others and what they are accomplishing or the place they hold in the community. Who I am...the place I hold...the work I do is uniquely mine--no better or worse than anyone else's. This knowing also relieves pressure I may feel from anyone who may want me to be or do something other than who or what is in line with my divine purpose.

I am looking forward to what this day unfolds for me.

To find your Mayan birth date, here is a calculator.

For a very readable and understandable book about the Mayan calendar, check out The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow.

Song running through my head: Imagine by John Lennon (Imagine that!)


Carrie Wilson Link said...

That is VERY interesting - I know that I need to brush up on all of this before 2012!

Anonymous said...

Six Road .... what a wonderful thing.