Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Day After Twelfth Night: Twelve Things

(Limes in Arizona)

1. Tracey at Shutter Sisters invited us to post a soft shot that we kept--even though it "should" have been in focus. As I said once before, there's something about each shot I keep that I like. It may not be technically correct, but...oh,well!

2. I always thought that January 6th--Epiphany--was Twelfth Night. Alas, Twelfth Night is Epiphany Eve (and a Shakespearean play).

3. Sometimes buying the basic cheapy is good enough--especially a hot water hose for the washer.

4. In Oregon, 59° and rainy can feel colder than 22° and snowy with less humidity.

5. Meg posted this today and it made me laugh so much, I played it several times...and laughed every time:

6. I get really annoyed when a replacement part costs more than the entire original item--and that is if you can even find the part to buy.

7. Today, on my Project 365 (which is not on line and currently resides only in my computer), all I could manage was to take a shot with my Treo and email it to myself. Didn't even feel like pulling out the camera. Hey...it counts.

8. I love my auto mechanics at The V Shop. Honest. Efficient. Caring.

9. Banana is still under the tarp. Maybe tomorrow I can unveil him.

10. Saturn retrograde is good for cleaning up old messes. I have been getting organized. Me!

11. Currently, I am reading The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow. Fascinating explanation about the Mayan Calendar and what all the dates mean.

12. Yesterday's photo was someone knitting. (Yes, Carrie and She, you are right.) Here's a less blurry shot:

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Carrie Wilson Link said...

OMHOG on that baby laughing! What medicine! Thanks for sharing!