Friday, August 04, 2006

Domino's Didn't Deliver "Potential Customer" Service

I'm not happy.

This afternoon I came home after being gone since early this morning. An 8.5 by 11 inch crumbled piece of paper (turns out to be an ad for Domino's Pizza) was taped to my glass screen door. When I pulled off the advertisement, the sticky gooey part of the scotch tape stayed on the glass.

I've got two problems with this. One. Hell ... let the whole world know I'm not home. 8.5 by 11 ... can you make that any bigger? Maybe a banner? Give me a break! What happened to door hangers? The ones that go on the inside of the screen door? Why would a large company like Domino's jeopardize my safety like that? Two. I hate cleaning up other people's messes. Especially if I don't even know them. And when I don't get paid for it. How dare they mess up my door like that. That gooey stuff doesn't come off very easily.

Soooooo .... I called Domino's and asked for the manager. He was kind enough to listen to my complaint, but also told me that they will continue to do this type of advertising in my neighborhood ...and that there is nothing that he could do about the problem.

Should I just let it go and live with it? What would Wanda do?

Dear Not Happy,

What's the matter? Don't you like pizza? Sounds like you might need some serious therapy!

No, seriously...I hear ya, darlin', and I get what you are saying. Yes, it is appropriate for you to be upset and to want Domino's to take some kind of action to prevent this in the future. If their advertising is ticking people off, it isn't likely to get them in the door is it? And, you shouldn't have to clean up after the yokels who make a mess on your glass door. (I get so irritated when the local newspaper company leaves unwanted advertising circulars in my driveway that I am tempted to collect them and dump the whole pile on the sidewalk in front of the door to their business. I don't, but it has crossed my mind. What I have done is call them and tell them to take me off their list. So far it has worked. But that's another story...)

In this case, I would go over the manager's head. Call the owner of the establishment doing the advertising and tell them that you don't appreciate it. I would tell them why it is not appreciated, too (i.e., It advertises that you are not home and jeopardizes your safety, and it leaves a mess on your door).

Tell them that you would like an assurance that this won't happen again and if they can't give that to you, you will be talking to the Better Business Bureau about your dissatisfaction, as well as telling your friends about how uncooperative Domino's has been in solving this problem. You might even give him your script: "Domino's may deliver pizza, but their concern for people and the environment sucks."

Now, as for the gooey stuff on the glass--use some coconut oil. It is great stuff. I use it for all kinds of applications. Just rub it on the goo and before you know it, you can take a tissue and wipe it off. Voila! That problem is solved.

In fact, I bet if you were to rub a thin coat of coconut oil all over the glass, the tape wouldn't stick! Hmm. That could be worth a try.

Let me know how it works.



graceonline said...

I once had a friend who sent all her complaints directly to the president of the company in a letter marked "Personal."

Not only did she get a satisfactory response each time, but quite often cartons of products from the offending company would show up on her doorstep.

Wanda said...

HA! So there you go, Not Happy. You could go directly to the top. I suspect that the top of the franchise chain wouldn't want bad press getting around because it affects the whole name, not just the offending shop.

On the other hand, I am not sure I would want "cases" of pizza being left on my doorstep...unless they called first so I could be there when it was delivered hot and have enough ice cold libation to go with it.

Better yet, if they called to say they were delivering, I could tell them to bring the brew, too.


Thanks, graceonline.