Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What Would Wanda Do?

John S. said...

What a brilliant idea! Wanda has coached me for a few years now and I always look forward to her insight and wisdom. I'm happy the rest of the world now has access. :-) My partner and I have been using a phrase for about a year now in situations where you want to react in one way, but your better judgement tells you its probably not a good idea.

So, you're driving down the interstate and some jerk cuts you off. You're in the left lane behind this person and they are going 15 under the speed limit. I'm ready to start the four-letter words flying out of my mouth when my partner asks me: "What would Wanda do?"

Dear John S.,

Just what makes you and your partner so sure that Wanda wouldn't let go with a string of the finest four-letter expletives ever applied to such a situation? Has your partner ever met Wanda? Hmm?

What a riot! Thanks for sharing your story. And seriously, while there have been many times that I might have used cross words with jerks like that, these days I am into more of a "Whatevah, Mon" kind of attitude. Of course, it helps to have the top down and be playing Jimmy Buffet or Bob Marley on my car stereo at the time.

Swearing at them turned out to be much harder on me than on them. Go figure! So, I decided it isn't worth it to raise my blood pressure and get my nervous system in a knot. Sometimes I will say, "Nice turn signal!" Sometimes I slow down and get out of their way. And sometimes I pray for them. If they are that much in the ozone and feel like they have to behave so badly, they must need help. It usually helps me feel better, too.

I appreciate your checking in and I hope you'll be back soon.


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