Thursday, August 24, 2006

How to Keep the Mojo Moving

A few days ago, I made a decision to leave my current job. I was challenged to make a commitment in order for the energy to begin moving, so I made a declaration. I also began affirming that I was ready to lovingly release my job to the next person so that person could take it to the next level. I also began meditating on opening myself to wonderful opportunities in a wonderful organization where my skills and experience are valued and appreciated and where I am richly rewarded financially, mentally, emotionally. I'm chanting morning and night that "all of life comes to me now with ease and joy and glory." I also put an etheric "for sale" sign in front of my house.

Yesterday was the worst day at work I've had in a long time - I had non-stop conflict with the employee union, including the beginning of a complex legal dispute. To top it off, my boss (a narcissistic jerk) questioned why I had to take my son to the airport next week when he goes back to college because it will be inconvenient for him. I felt like I'd been hit with a rubber hose all day.

This morning on the way to work, I realized the Universe was merely responding to the energy I've been putting out. I continued with the chants and affirmations and asked that God let me know that his/her hand is in this whole deal. When I got to work, I called a contact number I received from someone in another state. At lunch with a friend, I was telling her about the etheric "for sale" sign. She asked what that meant and I told her. Come to find out, her kids (son, daughter-in-law and twin toddlers) are looking for a home the size of mine, in my part of town for about the price I want to get. They will call me. When I got back to the office, there was a voice message from a recruiter in another state who got my earlier voice message (forwarded from someone else) and a copy of my resume. I called him back and we chatted. There aren't any openings now in my somewhat specialized field and there isn't a lot of turnover in those jobs there (it's a much smaller community). I know that one contact can lead to another can lead to another can lead to another.

My question - how can I keep this good mojo going to produce some results? I'm not attached to a particular outcome (like moving to another state) but do want to be with my sweetheart.

What would Wanda do?

You have been a busy Glenda, haven't you?

I applaud your commitment to move forward. Don't you just love how the Universe affirms our decisions? What better way to tell you to get the heck out of OZ than to turn up the volume on the "you are a doormat and only a doormat to us" message at work. Your boss sounds like a real Jamaican dish (You know...Jerk Chicken! Okay...okay--too corny. Hey, corn is good with Jerk Chicken, too.)

Bottom line is--you are doin' it, sister! [Yes, I know this is an anonymous post; however, I do know that the writer is me.] Every time the divine crosses your palm with a phone number or a message or an opportunity, you are stepping up to the plate. How does it get any better than that?

Seriously, how does it get any better than that? Ask the question and wait expectantly for the answer. If you assume that this is as good as it gets, you will limit the outcome.

That's what I'd do. Ask the question and wait expectantly for the answer. I'd be faithful about asking the question over and over again.

Every day I would "cut the cords" with my current job and shake the dust off my feet on the way out the door to affirm my decision to myself and to the Universe and to God that I am, indeed, done and willing to pass the job on to someone who will do a good job and appreciate this position more than I can right now. This job is just right for someone...just not me (you) in this moment.

By "cutting the cords," I mean getting rid of any energetic ties I have to the place. Some people like to make a physical movement, as if they are gathering the "cords" from all around themselves and then hold them right in front of their body about solar plexus level. Then, while holding them with one hand, use the other hand like a blade to make a slicing motion. When they toss the cut ends away, toss them to a plant or a candle flame or some place where they can be recycled and not just float around, looking for a way to reattach.

[Some people might think Wanda is weird for all of this. That's okay. I say to them...try it. See if any of this stuff I am suggesting makes any difference in the reality of your experience. You don't have to take anything I say at face value. But if you try it and it works...I'd really like to hear your stories.]

Your etheric "For Sale" sign is terrific! Just as with a physical sign, I wouldn't take it down until the deal was done. So many things can happen. Keep the sign up and keep the energy flowing around it. I'd send it some good energy every day until I have the buyer's signature on the dotted line.

And you are so right about making contacts. Especially in a smaller community, people talk. Business owners and people in management will spread the word among themselves. Talking to one is as good as talking to several. But I wouldn't rest on my laurels. I would keep talking to anyone and everyone I could. I would ask for what I want, just as you specified ("wonderful opportunities in a wonderful organization where my skills and experience are valued and appreciated and where I am richly rewarded financially, mentally, emotionally"). I would set the mojo on what I really want in my next position so that the powers that be out there hook me up with the right place, the right job...right livelihood.

I'd be faithful. I'd be diligent. I'd be disciplined. And I would get all my friends on my side to help me hold the vision.

That's what I'd do.

Hope this helps.


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northstar100 said...

You've given me some great ideas. Thank you. I can see me walking out of the building and wiping my feet (much like a dog who turns its back on a mess), cutting the cords, etc. Thanks especially to the link to graceonline - I'm going to start that process today as well.

So, do people ever tell you just how funny and witty you are? I love reading your posts because they always make me smile, nod my head and go, "yep, that's about right!"

Wanda said...

You are so welcome. I am glad you enjoy the posts.

Yes, wiping your feet like a dog who turns its back on a mess...but don't go lifting your leg--okay?

Thanks for sending questions.

Anonymous said...

My amazing friend and aunt who posted this is... my emotional, spiritual and life mentor. I love her more than she can possibly know.

Why is it that we are living the same life path right now? How can we both be working for a narcissistic jerk? How can we both find our most amazing career in our most amazing place that rewards us each on the way we need it to?

R~ I am with you. I pray with you. I ask with you. I LOVE you!

Wanda said...

Look at that! You're getting your peeps on board and you are making a difference for them in this process, too.

Go, northstar100!