Thursday, August 10, 2006

Top 10 Reasons to Ask: "What would Wanda do?"

10. Ready access--24/ waiting.

9. It rolls nicely off the tongue and lips. (Say it out loud now. I'll wait.... See?)

8. You can remain anonymous...or not.

Discreet packaging for discrete and discreet answers...and you never have to leave home for answers to embarrassing questions.

6. As
Hannah says, Wanda is "...too funny. And wise. And totally, completely, irrevocably and eternally awesome." (I blush.)

John S. says, "What a brilliant idea! ...I always look forward to her insight and wisdom. I'm happy the rest of the world now has access."

4. Much more relevant than taking the newspaper to Ask Amy or Dear Abby--and you don't have to recycle.

3. Your questions and Wanda's answers provide entertainment for at least two other people (according to my Bloglines subscription numbers).

2. Wanda knows about a lot of things and a wide range of topics. (Come on folks! We've only begun to scratch the surface.)

1. IT'S FREE! and
free is a very good price.

Try it now:


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