Friday, August 04, 2006

Party on, Dude!


My neighbors have parties every Friday nite. Now these are nice family people. They have invited me a few times. But all they do is ply me with alcohol and I end up crawling home. (Well ok sometimes I sing and dance home). But that is not the point. Don't you think a party every Friday nite is a litte much. I mean if I'm not over there I'm hearing it. If I don't go I feel very left out and if I do go I am so sick the next day. And then they all talk about me in a laughing kind of way after I've been there. I'd like to sit down and offer them the idea of a party only the 1st Friday of the month. What would you do?

Nelly Neighbor

Dear Nelly,

It is Friday and I hope this is not too late to help you this week. I have to tell ya, my first question is...have you considered going to the party and NOT drinking? And if you can't, that might be the first place to look. What's up with that? (Not that there is anything wrong with singing and dancing home. You could do that sober, too!)

If partying is what your neighbors do, then every Friday might not be enough for them and they may also be holding back as it is. However, if they were my neighbors, I think I would ask for a curfew. I would suggest talking with them and asking them to tone it down by a certain time. For me, that would be about 11 p.m. Most good neighbors who are nice people really want to keep the peace and I would hope that would work.

Keep me posted. If you need more...we can take it to the next step.


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