Monday, May 19, 2008

"But it's a dry heat..."

And I am here to tell you, once it is over 105 degrees it is just too damn hot--dry or not. I am in Phoenix on a business trip. It is a lovely area and not usually this hot at this time of year. I planned to be here now for a break from the damp, gray spring at home in the Northwest. Any guesses about the weather there? Beautiful...85 degrees. It's what I expected here.

It is even too hot to sit in the pool, let alone by the pool. So I am hanging at the coffee shop. They are wonderful here. People hang here all the time and for this five day period, I have become a regular. Good coffee. Good tea. Good people.

If you get a chance, check out a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. (I thought I ought to give them a plug for their hospitality, since I am not paying rent. I am sure they will appreciate both of you knowing about them.)

No sweat,

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