Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Love List a la Meg Fowler

Love Thursday isn't enough this week. I need to rack up the love points because I have been such a crank this week. Once again I am inspired by a fellow blogger,

Herewith are some things I love: makes me belly laugh regularly

Kettle organic potato chips

Weltenberger Kloster Asam Bock

Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip flops

driving with the top down listening to Jimmy Buffett on the stereo


the ocean--especially, the warm ocean

spontaneously singing a song that fits whatever is happening at the moment--as if life truly were a musical comedy

Ugly Betty

coffee...pretty much anything but Starbucks

mineral hot springs

squirrels knocking on the patio door for me to come out and feed them

being right

freshly shaved legs that are not bleeding

my bed with the Tempurpedic mattress

crisp French fries...thin cut--no steak fries

big negotiable checks made out to me

being healthy

being inspired and having the juice to act on it

Crocs and Trellos...the originals

getting it

wisteria growing through the trees

Misi licking coconut oil off my fingers

(This is Misi.)

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