Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If I Had My Life to Live Over, I Would...

The beautiful (and I do mean beautiful!) Karen over at Chookooloonks (see her May 20th entry) inspired me by reprinting the poem of 85 year old Nadine Stair. So What Would Wanda Do?

~ Always wear comfortable shoes...and clothes...regardless of the fashion edicts of the day.

~ Care less about what others think of me...or say about me.

~ Take more vacations.

~ Say "I love you more"...and mean it.

~ Learn to surf.

~ Take more risks.

~ Follow my intuition and trust myself more than the experts.

~ Paint more pictures.

~ Hike the wilderness.

~ Fly.

~ Learn to speak more languages.

~ Take better care of myself...even if it means not taking care of others as much.

~ Write more.

~ Keep singing even when others want to take it away from me.

~ Follow my dreams.

~ Have no regrets.

~ Put fresh flowers in my room...especially daffodils and roses.

~ Reserve the right to change my mind.

~ Add to or subtract from my lists and not let anything be carved in stone--by me or anyone else.

That's what I'd do. How about you?


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