Tuesday, February 23, 2010

do over

Apparently yesterday's "blessing" felt like a curse to some of you, so I would like to modify it:

May your week be short and your weekend be long...or vice versa. Your pick.

Here's why I'd like my week to be short:

1) The washer won't spin = repair bill.

2) I lost a contact lens.

3) I got caught in road repair traffic on my way to work. I had to do a u-turn in the middle of the road and take an alternate route to get there in time for my appointment.

4) Tried to call a friend using the speed dial on my cell phone, only to find that somehow all...yes, all...my speed dial numbers had been erased.

5) Tweaked my low back and now I can sit or I can walk. Bending and getting up and down? Not so much.

And that my friends was Monday. The first four were before noon. (Well, the washer stopped this weekend, but I had to call and get a repair order started on Monday morning.)

So, you can have it your way, but if the rest of the week is like Monday? I'm sticking with the original.


m. heart said...

Luckily the worst thing I did Monday was shower myself (and the shelves, and the floor) with short brown rice at the local food coop, and it appeared that everyone in the store at that moment happened to be right there to witness it. Ah...the perils of buying bulk...

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Thanks for the tweak! : )

Joan said...

Wow! Hope your week goes by fast and improves each day!

Kathryn Grace said...

Some days feel like nothing but roadblocks. It's as if the whole world is screaming, "Go home! Rest! Take care of yourself," but we can't because there is all that important stuff to do.

Just before I sat down with the 'puter this morning, I was re-reading an old Ode, the laughter issue. Got me thinking that next time I feel my blood pressure rising and my ears turning red like they're going to burst into flames, I should make myself laugh till I'm doing a full-belly Laughing Buddha laugh, he of the rotund tummy, crinkly eyes and wide-open, mirthful mouth.

What do you think, Wanda? Would it help? Ooooh!Ooooh! Ooooh! Did I just ask Wanda something? :*) (Truth be told, I wish lots of people would find this and Ask Wanda, because I love to see your responses.

Relyn said...

You are making me laugh. As usual.