Sunday, February 21, 2010

things i did not do on saturday

(don't let this sweet kitty fool you)

1. Kill the cat after he climbed the window screen in the kitchen while chasing a fly.

2. Kill the cat after he broke the bamboo planter by knocking it off the window sill while chasing the same fly.

3. Kill the fly that the cat was chasing. (SO did.)

4. Wait 10 years for my neighbor boy (he's 2) to be old enough to mow the lawn. (However, I did tell him and his mom that I would hire him in 10 years.)

5. Find a pot to replace the one the cat broke. (See #2.)

6. Catch up on my bookkeeping.

7. Sleep in. (Did I mention that I have cats?)

8. Make a second pot of coffee--but I thought about it.

9. Work on my story.

10. Take my pills.


rebecca said...

Good list. I didn't do a lot of those same things!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Nothing better than a great list!

margie said...

never never never not take your pills. hope the cat considers himself very lucky that he did not use up any of his nine lives.

Deb Shucka said...

Kitty doesn't look like he quite understands how lucky he is. Thanks for my belly laugh for the day.

Joan said...

My weekend was long--by choice--and it was good. Just came home and am catching up on your posts.

Glad your foot and ankle are making progress.

Love the colorful stump picture. It would be a good choice for your book. Also love your reference to the logger's 21-gun salute. Dad would have loved it, too.

Glad you are learning something from your kitties...patience and forgiveness!