Sunday, August 29, 2010


Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Being able to taste bitterness is important. Bitter herbs can heal.

Living in bitterness creates misery. I have known (up close and personal) people who reside there. Not only are they miserable, but there is danger of contagion if one stays too close for too long.

Yes, it is tempting to go there sometimes. And sometimes, pure grace sweetens the path.


Mary'sCorner said...

I love your comments on grace, B. What a journey you're on this year with "grace" as your companion....
I also find interesting the play between bitter and sweet. One of the things I'm taking now for the "sweetness" of my blood sugar is "bitter" melon. Let's hear it for the balance-seeking qualities of Ayurvedic medicine, eh?

Carrie Link said...

Every thing's contagious. Every. Thing.

Kathryn Grace said...

Fascinating image. I do see a certain quality of bitterness, if I look at it one way. Interesting that it seems somehow reflective, as though taken through a glass. Do you think bitterness is also reflective at times? Looking at it slightly differently, I see the grace, the hope in the prayer flags, almost out of vision, but clearly there. It's almost as if I have a choice to see them or ignore them.

And the quote. Few words, all the more powerful because they come from a man who knew such agonies at the hands of others.