Sunday, August 22, 2010

older...not up

I'm growing older but not up
My metabolic rate is pleasantly stuck
So let the winds of change blow over my head
I'd rather die while I'm living then live while I'm dead

Jimmy Buffett


Kathryn Grace said...

One thing about getting older, we finally understand why old people do so many of the things we didn't understand, when we were younger, that anyone would choose to do, and why they snickered behind their hands when we were rude enough to let our annoyance or judgment show.

Hayden said...

Kathryn - yeh, we get it now, but those coming up still don't. Perpetual cycle it seems!

I used to think it wise to run full tilt and "use myself up" because 'who wants to make a pretty corpse?' Then I got dangerously close to 'used up' emotionally but my body was still going strong, and I was only in my early 50's. Put a shock into my system and I started rethinking the idea of 'going full out,' gradually replenishing my energy and looking for a moderate course.

we often get too soon old and too late wise.

kario said...

I figure so long as we're growing, that's good enough.

Love the photo!g

Deb Shucka said...

You gotta love Jimmy Buffett! This picture is the best one yet!