Monday, August 23, 2010

summer list

Projects I have completed this summer:

  • replaced sprinkler valves
  • built a worm bin
  • built a shoe cubby for the closet
  • installed a composting kitty litter toilet
  • assembled a book on
Ah...the life of the urban farmer!

How about you? Tell me about a project you've finished.


Tracy said...

Finished quilting a picnic quilt--just needs binding now. Finished a knitting project for a friend. Just finished making a batch of rhubarb-ginger jam for autumn/winter days. Finished adding rocks to rock garden--well, hubby did the heavy work there. ;o) But it's done! Very satisfying when things are marked off a list. Happy Week, Wanda ((HUGS))

Deb Shucka said...

Aren't you proud of yourself?

We got our yard in shape and I got myself ready to rewrite my book, plus I read a pile of books. :-)

Anonymous said...

project i have finished? hmm that's hard. lol many projects on the go though...

Kathryn Grace said...

Did you post about all these projects, and I missed some of them? I'd love to see your worm bin and composting kitty toilets.

It takes a lot of time, when we're not experts, to take on projects like these. I admire you for tackling--and finishing-- them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could set up some kind of community exchange where we could share expertise, tools, and possibly time to handle the mundane chores? A sort of grassroots DIY Craigslist.

As to your question, one I'm excited about today is that I've finally solved the problem of plastic bread sacks--How to indulge my bread habit on a budget and eliminate those pesky sacks! I hope to post that one later today.

Joan said...

Well.....ummm.....I can't think of one. The only project I finished was making a list of all the projects that I need to do. Does that count?

Carrie Link said...

Haven't even finished the To Do list, let alone anything on it.