Tuesday, December 28, 2010

snake oil

(zippy, age 51)

In allopathic medicine, however, we tend to not be open to other treatment modalities. If a treatment doesn’t fit our guidelines of thought, we criticize it and five or ten years down the road, we suddenly learn that it has merit. This sort of thing happened with snake oil. People today call remedies that don’t work ‘snake oil,’ but most people don’t know that real snake oil happens to have the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids of any substance! So snake oil really was a valid treatment; it lowered inflammation, because of its high EPA/DHA content.

Peter J Muran, MD

Even better still is the chimpanzee treatment. It always worked for what ailed me. Still does.

Take some EPA/DHA and cuddle with your favorite animal. Doctor's orders.


Kathryn Grace said...

Funny! Adorable old friend. And good advice. Would you mind sharing where you source your fish oil? With all we've been seeing about our contaminated oceans and how they contaminate our fishes, I've stopped enjoying anything from the sea until I have time to research what might still be safe.

Wanda said...

We use two different products. Blue Ice Fermented fish oil products are very high quality and the other is Pure Encapsulations EPA/DHA. I take high doses for inflammation so I prefer the EPA/DHA--and at the dosages I need, the Pure Encapsulations is cheaper.

kario said...

If you want to get some omega-3s without fish oil, Borage oil is actually higher in omega-3s and not more expensive.

I read an interview with Andrew Weil in the latest edition of The Sun magazine that talked about our slow road to holistic medicine. It was very interesting and provocative. I highly recommend it.

Wanda said...

The problem is that plant based Omega 3s must be converted in the body and some people do not do that efficiently. For most of us, fish oils actually work much better and we have to take less.

Thanks for the article review. I have mixed feelings about Dr. Weil's stance. I'll see if I can find the article.