Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 things about monday...good news and less good news

1. Had a hard time finding something to wear to work.

2. Finally got dressed and made my breakfast drink. Managed to pour it down my front.

3. Good news is, I found something else to wear.

4. Other good news is, I had been wearing a red shirt and khaki pants. Changed to a white shirt. This is good because I had to go to Target.

5. Got to the office. No power...no lights...no heat.

6. Also in the office, a huge growing wet spot in the ceiling.

7. Good news is the building manager answered his phone.

8. Lost the key to the mailbox.

9. Good news is, I have an extra.

10. I finished the dark chocolate peanut M&Ms..

...and that is both good and bad news all in one.


Kathryn Grace said...

What a morning! Good thing you had a stash of M&Ms.

Sandi said...

That sounds suspiciously similar to my Monday this week, too. All except the dark M&M's!! Glad you survived and was able to see the "good news"!