Saturday, November 12, 2011

the next day

Caught by our own thoughts,
we worry about everything.
But once we get drunk on that Love
Whatever will be, will be.


We made it through 10/28 and 11/11. Today and tomorrow seem like one more day. I wonder what 12/21/12 will bring.

My nose has dandruff from blowing it so much. I am guessing that things will look brighter on all fronts once I am through the Fall cold.

And how did we ever come to call them "colds"? I was thinking about that last night. what do you think? If you know, tell me. If you don't...make something up!


kario said...

I wonder whether we called them "colds" because we erroneously thought being out in the cold caused them. We now know that it's the cuddling inside to get warm with others who have germs that cause it instead. ;-)

Kathryn Grace said...

I've always wondered that myself. So often when I have a cold, I'm shivering with cold, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Regarding the dates, have you noticed what's happening in the world? It's like people everywhere are finally noticing we have a voice that, collectively, can be heard.

The people are finally starting to lead. I feel such hope--most of the time.