Monday, November 07, 2011

wisdom worth sharing

How much more important it is to refrain from evil speech, remembering what such sins bring down on us in punishment. In fact so important is it to cultivate silence. After all, it is written in scripture that one who never stops talking cannot avoid falling into sin. Another text in the same book reminds us that the tongue holds the key to death and life.

Saint Benedict of Nursia

Now, if we could get certain public figures to hear this, things might begin to change. I find myself holding my tongue a lot these days. I'm not always pure of speech; however, I do aspire in that direction.

I am understanding on a deeper level the connectedness of us all, and what I say about "them" comes back to me in one form or another. If I am going to get what I give, I'll choose my words more carefully.

Sometimes, I notice in reading posts on Facebook and blogs that some authors appear to have spiritual aspirations. In the next post, they are cursing someone or denigrating the political party they disagree with. I'm not talking about disagreement. I am talking about mudslinging and character assassinations. I notice. Then I notice the disconnect I experience between the spiritual aspirations in one post and the political derogation by that same author's next post. I don't want to go there.

I'll take the high road--even if that means saying nothing.

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