Thursday, November 24, 2011

love thursday 11.24.11 ~ thanksgiving

Unless we do change our whole way of thought about work, I do not think we shall ever escape from the appalling squirrel-cage of economic confusion in which we have been madly turning for the last three centuries or so, the cage in which we landed ourselves by acquiescing in a social system based upon envy and avarice.

Dorothy L. Sayers

I am thankful that this guy is still with us...and if you are reading, I am glad you are still with me, too.

Happy Thanksgiving! I pray you have much to be thankful for. When we see what we have, rather than being caught in our greed, it looks like so much more.

May you be blessed.


kario said...

Such wonderful words!

And what a lovely photo. Have a terrific day with your loved ones and surround yourself with peace.

Kathryn Grace said...

Among the bounty I enjoy this day, Wanda, I give gratitude for you, for your faithfulness in posting on this blog every single day, and for the gems of wisdom you share with us. You help me center whenever my world begins to rock.

Susan O'Neil said...

Thank you, Wanda.