Friday, April 01, 2011

no foolin'

Today Mom and I had just finished an appointment and arranged ourselves in the car. Mom's cell phone rang. It was my sister. A man who lives near me called her. (She lives in another state.) He found my cell phone and used it to call my sister. He gave her his number and said that I could call him and stop by to pick up my phone. I did.

Thank you, Beloved.

The finder made only one phone call. He didn't start calling numbers trying to see who would answer. One call. To my sister. Who wasn't identified as my sister. She wasn't the last person I had called. She isn't even the person I call the most--sorry, sister! How do you suppose he picked her to call?

Thank you, Beloved.

Got my car back from the body shop today. The work was excellent. The service was excellent. They went beyond what they were required to do. They made extra repairs without getting paid by the insurance company and they cleaned the inside of the car and spiffed up the wheels. Because they did so much extra for me, I am happy to let others know how happy I am with their work. If you need auto body work, check out Artistic Auto Body. They are at several locations. I went to the one in West Slope.

Thank you, Beloved.

While my car was in the shop, I drove a rental. At the time I picked the car up, only one car in my "class" was available and I would have had to wait for it to be cleaned up. I expressed my frustration, given that this had been planned for weeks and when I called I was told I would have lots of vehicles to choose from. The woman who assisted me gave me a free upgrade.

Thank you, Beloved.

A representative of the car rental company called this evening to thank me for my business and tell me how much they appreciated my taking such good care of the car. How did I like my service from them? He wanted to know. I told him it was "okay." He asked for more information, so I told him the whole story. He said he understood how that would be disappointing and asked what he could do to make it up to me. I told him that they had already made it up to me by giving me a free upgrade. Then he went on to say that he would make my comments known at the next meeting. Cool. Yes, I am happy to give them a plug, too: Enterprise.

Thank you, Beloved.

Earlier this week, we removed a rug from our living room. It had been of great service to us, but one of the cats had soiled it. We decided it was time to give the rug a new home. I put it by the side of the road with a sign that said "FREE" and a note saying that it needed some serious cleaning. Within a half hour, the rug was gone. Whoever took it left a thank you note! Seriously.

Thank you, Beloved.

The Beloved has a face--okay...more than one. That face is human. It is yours and mine. We are the Beloved to one another. We are God's hands and heart on earth.

Thank you, Beloved. No foolin'.


Puanani said...

THE most beautiful, heartfelt, calming, reassuring, blessed, inspiring, hopeful, centering, light-filled way to start my day.


kario said...

Glorious! And you are passing along the light with your gratitude and acknowledgement. Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Don't you just love it when the gifts from the beloved are so obvious that there is no way you can deny them? With all of the bad publicity people receive now days, it is wonderful to have our faith in humanity restored by the kind acts of some of them. It is so cool that the finder of your phone picked me to call so that you were able to get it back. (And it is okay that I am not the one that you call on it the most!) Thanks for sharing these experiences with us!

Susan O'Neil said...

thank you for this. I really needed this today. And HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are our birthday gift. Thank you beloved.

Kathryn Grace said...

This may just be the most heartwarming, good-feeling post I have read on any blog ever. Thank you! Thank you Beloved.