Monday, April 18, 2011

weekend delight

Stay close to any sounds that makes you glad you are alive.


Sun on Sunday...all day. Guess I just had to ask real nice.

Built trellises for the peas and cucumbers and the potato condo--out of reclaimed materials and used up the left over bamboo stakes.

A visit from my imaginary friend (long story).

The house is clean--and I didn't do it.

A call from another friend...just because.

Watched a movie that didn't have a single swear word in it (at least none that I remember)...and it was good.

Bamboo shoots everywhere! (Pictures to follow.)

Got the check to reimburse me for the deductible on my car repairs.

Met another neighbor and his nephew while I was outside working.

Banana is growing. (Pictures to follow of that, too.)



Susan O'Neil said...

I'd like to hear about the imaginary friend!

Susan O'Neil said...

And which movie?

Puanani said...

Thank you for the sun! So glad your request was granted!

Kathryn Grace said...

You asked, and I've no list. Just hunkering in all week, enjoying the stillness before I begin part-time grandchild day care tomorrow and for the next few months. A joyful task, but leaving much less time to wade through the mountains of work I've assigned myself.

Curious about that movie ...