Monday, June 08, 2009

domination or dominion?

(most of the strawberries are red now)

The choice we face is broader than politics, deeper than charity. It is whether we see the world chiefly as property to be controlled, defined by walls and fences that must be built ever higher, ever thicker, ever tougher; or made up chiefly of an open weave of compassion and connection.

~ Rabbi Arthur Waskow ~

Director of the Shalom Center,

from his essay "The Sukkah of Shalom"

Control or connection. Should be an easy one. The difference between domination and dominion. Stewardship.

Domination controls.

Dominion "husbands."

Husbandry is about stewardship and making choices for the good of the crop, the flock, the community, the whole.

We had volunteer strawberries in the gardens and beds. SO moved the plants around and now they line our entire yard. We get to eat some of them if we don't wait too long. The birds and slugs love them.

Our 3rd party CSA is already producing more food than we can eat. We get to share with our neighbors, friends, and family.

Stewardship manages resources and shares with the whole.

After all, we have more than enough--more than enough goes around.


margie said...

wonderful. we planted our first strawberry plant. three little baby strawberries. i don't know if they will ever turn red but fun anyway.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

"an open weave of compassion and connection."


SE'LAH... said...

Wonderful concept. Great shot too. What a lovely community you live in.

vchelle said...

Love everthing about this post! Sharing is good for the soul too.. I get all fuzzy inside when I share and when someone shares with me.