Friday, June 19, 2009

he loves me...he loves me not

(the first blurry daisy)

If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends, you talk to your enemies.

~Moshe Dayan ~
Israeli military commander and politician turned peacemaker


margie said...

what good advice. everyone has someone that they know in their heart they should make peace with. that whatever it was that separated us, is not worth it. have a good one wanda!!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I love the blurry daisy.

Christina said...

I'm sure he loves you. ; )

graceonline said...

Yes. So much easier to know than to do, especially in the heat of hurt, don't you think?

SE'LAH... said...

i love the blurry daisy...i say HE loves you.