Wednesday, October 28, 2009

away from home

I am not at my computer. No access to my quotes or my pictures. Guess you'll have to just bear with me...or not.

I am out of town, working on the project. My intention is to get the bedroom finished. I think I can do that this trip and get Mom moved back in. My brother hooked up the heater. I have a little more woodwork to install and putty, paint to touch up. Voila! That should finish that room.

If I remember, I'll try to take some pictures to share the outcome. I think for do-it-yourselfers we did okay.

Hold the intention with me...okay? Thanks.


Susan O'Neil said...

I think probably better than ok, as it was done with love. And maybe it's supposed to take this long so y'all can spend more time together. :) Would love to see photos when y'all are done. OH, and how's the garden?

Carrie Wilson Link said...


Joan said...

I wanna see pictures, too!

elsa said...

hi wanda. i was here a few months ago and said i would return- it was i think because of the gregg braden post- he fascinates me, i love his brain!
anyway, i am glad to have found your blog again. hope you are well. and yes, i want to see pics too.