Thursday, October 29, 2009

love thursday 10.28.09 ~ mom's room

(still gotta put the bar and shelf in the closet...and put the door on)

(first night in the almost finished room)

Well, I almost finished this room. We decided to get some new closet hardware, so I will have to finish it next time I come over. Probably this weekend. I have a few more hours to work in the morning. I have to be back for an appointment in the afternoon.

I love my mom. This job is all for her.


rebecca said...

Your mom is so blessed to have her warrior daughter solidly on her side.

Susan O'Neil said...

Looks fantastic! You're hired!

SE'LAH... said...

What a fantastic job you did. Yippee.

Joan said...

It looks absolutely beautiful! I am so proud of you for taking on this project for Mom. I love my Mom, too...and my thithter!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Way to go!