Wednesday, October 14, 2009

is this the face of a "person of interest"?

The self is not something that one finds. It is something that one creates.

~ Thomas Szasz ~
American Psychiatrist

We are in Canada. Whew.


They did a background check before they would let us in.


Maybe it was the face...this face. (I get pulled aside on both sides of the border for personal inspection far more often than random selection would deem statistically possible. Would that my odds were as high for winning the lottery!)

Maybe it was the car. (Red Volvo convertible--but, hey...we had the top up.)

Maybe it was the fact that our passenger forgot her passport and had to have someone fax a copy to the ferry terminal so she could even leave the US. (What can I say? All we did was give her a ride.)

Maybe it was the fact that I said we were here for a workshop and they were afraid that we were here earning money instead of spending it. (NOT.)

Maybe it was the really snarky customs officer. (I've never had a customs officer who smiled, so I suspect it is their training. However, this one seemed to go out of her way to be unpleasant. She was the crankiest one I have come across to date. The one who did the background check never smiled either. However, she managed to convey kindness and humanity through her tone and demeanor.)


Here we are. I plan to rest, read, and have some fun and adventures. Not sure what yet. Adventures tend to unfold as they will and I haven't ventured outside yet.

I do hope that whatever adventures I find are more pleasant than yesterday's entry.


Carrie Wilson Link said...


Joan said...

It's a good thing I didn't go this time. We would have been laughing and that probably wouldn't have set well with the grouchy customs people! But your experience would have been more fun with me there!!!
Have a great time. Keep us informed of your whereabouts!

Susan O'Neil said...

Maybe she secretly had a crush on you and so wanted to keep you around longer. :) You're a person of interest to all of us. :)

Wanda said...

Carrie--I know.

Joan--too true. We'd still be locked up in the customs office! And we'd still be laughing knowing us. Who else get the giggles at their grandmother's funeral?

Susan--thanks. You are so sweet.