Saturday, October 24, 2009


Laughter is an effervescent form of holiness.

~ Anne Lamott ~
A dream:

A large, gentle man interviews me about my spirituality. "I was wondering. Do you have a special time when you pray?"

I start to answer and my throat wells up with tears. "I pray all the time," I tell him. He tears up, too.

Have some laughs this weekend...

Be holy.


Anonymous said...

I've just been told that I laugh too loud :)

Very intriguing photo

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Yes, a better question would be when DON'T I pray?

Love that Anne Lamott quote.


margie said...

wanda i have no doubt that you pray for others. all the time.

Joan said...

I did have lots of laughs this weekend. It felt good. Not sure if it made me holier, but it made me happier!