Friday, October 02, 2009

friday list...and i've been saying this all along

To be human is to be responsible. That is the inner meaning of the "dominion" of Genesis 1:26, which is a dominion not of domination but of stewardship, taking care of the world's back yard ... God the world-maker is God the care-taker. Humans properly stand over other creatures only as they stand with other creatures, showing them love, giving them space, and granting them "rights."

~ Kim Fabricius ~
from his book, Propositions on Christian Theology

Return Grey's Anatomy (season 5, disc 3) to Blockbuster
*This season is farcical and remembering that is the only way I can watch it. As it is, I keep talking back to the TV*

Go to work: see clients, make phone calls
*Short day*

Go to the bank
*Small deposit...sigh*

Research drywall products
*Hoping that what I now have will do what I want it to do"*

Home Depot
*Remember the list this time!*

Go to the pharmacy

...and if all goes well...
take a nap.

What's on your list? May we both accomplish the whoooole thing.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Today I put on my list, "Get a massage," and I did. I'm taking an A.

SE'LAH... said...

and watch my little hottie in Smallville.
Yeah, superman is also hot.

Joan said...

Not much on my list. What I need to get done only affects me and no one else, so nothing is a priority for me right now. But, if I had a list I would put "take a nap" at the top of it!