Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on my way home to these guys

(mijo facing the camera and honeyboy in blur)*

(the blur that is probably mijo playing with bird-on-a-stick)

Prayer always thrusts one out into action sooner or later. One of its main functions is to induce one to think creatively; it stretches the imagination; it enables one to see things and people not as they are but as they might be.

~ Muriel Lester ~
social reformer and pacifist

The ferry leaves at 10:30 a.m. We must be in line at 9:00 a.m. and we are not then allowed to leave the area. Customs, you know...and I don't mean traditions. I am praying for a more benign customs officer experience on both sides of the water. For my part, I will see them "as they might be."

I accomplished what I came here to do: 1) accompany and "heave-ho" for SO; 2) rest. I slept 10 hours for three nights and 8 hours each of the others. Lovely...and apparently, much needed.

Now I am ready to go home. The kitties await me. Before long, they will be CATS. With paws the size of dinner plates that make their faces disappear when they hold up a hand in front of their faces, I expect them to be men of stature. In the meantime, I miss my kitties who I am sure have doubled--nay, tripled in size while I've been gone.

How satisfyingly odd that these little furry creatures come to live with us and capture our hearts.

(photos by LC--one of our kitty-sitters)*


margie said...

i miss charley when she goes off for a weekend to the lake without me. i notice her favourite spots in the house waiting empty for her. ahh, the animals.

Susan O'Neil said...

I want to be a kitty sitter!!!!! Safe and peaceful travels.

Joan said...

I hope you had a very happy reunion with the boys. I am glad you got so much sleep/rest.