Thursday, November 19, 2009

love thursday 11.19.09 ~ 19 things i am loving on the 19th

(sitting on the charging station when he was little)

Distributing food is a unique act of love because food is the basis for life. When the church can distribute food, it can allay one of people's most primal fears -- that of going hungry -- as a way of helping people come to peace. When sources of food are close at hand, peace may be sustained.

~ Pamela Couture ~

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean, and professor at Saint Paul School of Theology

1. ...bringing my computer home from the hospital

2. ...finding new foods that I like

3. ...being able to help others when they ask

4. ...purring kittens nearby

5. ...three hour massages

6. ...SO

7. ...meeting new friends face to face

8. ...reconnecting after time apart

9. ...hearing the wind chimes (which is pretty much the only good thing about wind besides being able to sail in it)

10. ...sleeping past 6:30

11. ...reading good writing

12. ...a full tank of gas

13. ...being able to wear sweaters again

14. ...and cowboy boots

15. ...buying clothes that fit

16. ...having clean laundry (and therefore, options of what to wear)

17. ...working with polite competent people who take responsibility

18. ...finding lost items (where are you gloves?)

19. ...taking a nap while waiting

What are you loving today?

Thanks to Chookooloonks for starting Love Thursday. Head over there for more.


Tracy said...

A 3-hour massage...I would love one of those about now! :o) After a tough week of a lot going on and not feeling too well or strong, I feet better today and loving that! Thanks for sharing so much love, Wanda. :o) I just love your kitty Mojo--he sooo much looks like our Charlie!

margie said...

warm sunny november days. a gift before winter to be sure.

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Friends who take a break in their busy-ness to help me deconstruct a problem. Too-big cozy cable-knit sweaters. Wrapping Christmas presents. Singing Christmas carols in the car with my daughters.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Meeting new friends face-to-face. : )

vchelle said...

Great list!!!

Today, I'm celebrating and loving the ability of releasing...

Wanted to stop by and say hi! Thinking of you always!

Christina said...

Hi Wanda!
an amazing list!
And I have no idea where my gloves are. lol

puna said...

I saw number one and I said amen. Now this must be a load off of your mind.

Joan said...

Good list. Thought I wouldn't be able to think of 19, but discovered there are too many to count. Mostly I love the special people in my life...grandchildren, children, parents, siblings, and "you know who."

Happy Love Thursday!

Deb Shucka said...

I'm with Carrie - meeting new friends face to face. The three hour massage has my attention though! :-)