Friday, November 06, 2009

i am so screwed

I tried to call David Wu (my congressman) tonight to tell him to support Health Insurance Reform.


Because I just got the 3rd premium increase this year. The first was an age bracket thing and it was expected. The second was a 1% tax placed on premiums to help under- and uninsured (which, of course, the insurance company passed on to me).

This one? The third one? A 20% increase. Why? I have no flippin' idea--except they can.

Did I mention that I have the "Low Cost" option? Low cost to them apparently. I have the PPO and they pay 70% to preferred providers. 70%! Many pay 90%.

Did I mention that this 20% increase will put my monthly premium over $400? That is for one individual.

Oh, and I have $1000 pharmacy deductible, $1500 in network deductible, and $1500 out of network deductible.

I couldn't leave a message for David Wu because his mailbox was full.

Yep. Screwed.


blognut said...

Geez! That sucks.

Kathryn Grace said...

Yup. And bad as that is, there are millions of people who haven't a prayer of coming up with that kind of cash every month. We could use true health care reform right now, a la what they have in Canada, France and Great Britain. I'm extremely disappointed in the packages Congress is bandying about so far.

Good luck getting hold of your Congressman. I've heard that snail-mail still packs a wallop in Congress and may net the best results.

Wanda said...

Welcome back, Kathryn.

Part of my point is that I don't know if I can continue to come up with that amount. Having been off work as long as I have, it is an unanswered question.

I did get through to Wu's office today and left my message. I told them about my premium increases and asked them to pass the message along.

Here's hoping that tomorrow's vote gets us somewhere forward on this march to health care/health insurance reform.

Joan said...

A co-worker called one of our congressmen and had to leave a message. She explained that over 50% of her wages goes to insurance premiums for her husband and herself and asked how the new reform would help her situation. Guess what? call back. Yep, we're screwed!!

Wanda said...

Joan, you and I are probably coming at this from different perspectives, yet I think we both want the same thing. I believe the health care reform that is on the table is the beginning. We have to have a public option because people like your co-worker and I will not be able to afford insurance if we don't have one.

Unfortunately, I don't know about your Representatives; however, whenever I have contacted mine, I have had a response. It just takes them a very, very long time.

The vote is tomorrow. I guess we'll see what happens.

Kathryn Grace said...

Thank you, Wanda. I've been thinking about you and hoping this turned out okay. I have a family member whose IT company shut down about 18 months ago and their very expensive COBRA running out with severe health issues in the mix. I cannot possibly say how disappointed I am with our president and our Congress and their refusal to give Americans a robust, useful and truly affordable health plan.

The rich who carry wads of hundred dollar bills in their pockets just cannot imagine what $400 or $800 a month means to working class folk.

We simply must not stop writing about this issue, must continue to urge our family, friends and supporters to contact their Congressional reps again and again, and must not give up hope.

I don't mean to be strident and am talking to myself as much as to anyone. Yikes!