Wednesday, May 20, 2009

coincidence: the dialog

(almond croissant)

I had no idea that history was being made.
I was just tired of giving in.

~ Rosa Parks ~

Coincidence. Someone quoted Karl Marx in one of my recent mail lists as saying that "Coincidence is the Highest Regularity." I'm not sure what he meant by that, but I agree with the statement as I understand it.

Coincidence has meaning. Those events that we call "coincidence" resonate at a similar level. Rather than being flukes--products of chance or probability--the synchronous events we call coincidence find a level of entrainment that allows them to meet at the same place in time.

Understanding the meaning of it is another issue.

Okay...there's my opening statement. Now it's your turn. Talk to me....


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Only thing I like about the word is the literal meaning - two events that co-incide. I don't believe in randomness, flukes, accidents or the like. Only providence.

margie said...

in jewish, we call it beshert. not coincidence, but for a reason.

Joan said...

So far it looks like we are all in agreement. I don't believe in accidents either and I do believe that things that happen coincidentally were meant to happen for a reason. Call it divine intervention, help from your spirits, or whatever you was meant to be.

rebecca said...

I agree. I like the idea of coincide-dance. I do believe that there are no coincidences - but maybe it's just that we create meaning from 2 seemingly random events that happen close together. What may seem like a brilliant coincidence to me may not even be recognizable as such by someone else.

vchelle said...

Words period sometimes reduce the significant and wonderous meaning of life events. But, we humans, must use words that comes from our brains. But if we take the time to feel that we are energy, we understand that coincidence is something that we attract from God's universe so it will be a simulatannous event because we have the power to grab what we need and desire from the Universe - the power of positive Being and thinking!