Thursday, May 07, 2009

random thoughts about the weather

(strawberry blossom--near the bamboo shoot)

Since when do you have to agree with people to defend them from injustice?

~ Lillian Hellman ~

1. I. am. sick. of. the. rain.

2. I think I have snow trauma. The neighbor's house is white. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I see is the big white side of the house. Many mornings I think, "Shit. Snow." Then I look at the black roof and am relieved.

3. 80 degrees is just about perfect. Warm enough to wear shorts. Cool enough to be physically active, if one so chooses.

4. I hate the wind. The only time I like wind is when I am on a sailboat.

5. A mild breeze is not wind. It is sweat evaporation.

6. When I am in my car with the top down or on the motorcycle, that is not wind. I am moving through the air. Big difference.

7. This is the strangest spring I can remember, but then I can't remember shit.

8. Squirrels tend not to show up during the big rain.

9. We had our first "wind harvested" collard greens from our very own organic garden. Not much is big enough to eat yet, but the greens were lying in the driveway after the storm, so we didn't want them to go to waste.

10. The only weather that is not amenable to top down is precipitation that is heavy enough to fall into the car--and that is highly dependent upon the speed one is able to travel through traffic.


SE'LAH... said...

Number 2 is a winner ;-). Sounds like PTSD to me...but I'm a hypochondriac ;-)

I'm loving rain these days...pouring right now, washing away pollen. Almost can breathe.

margie said...

wanda this is the funniest post you have had in a while. lol.

Joan said...

80 is my ideal temperature, too. That is what I like it to be in my house as well--the blessings of a wood stove in the winter (and more recently in the spring, too)! I, too, hate the wind--so why do I live in a state that has a windy reputation? Growing up on the Oregon coast we got our share there, too! Just look at the trees that grow sideways! We only get 7 to 8 inches of precipatation here annually so I almost never need an umbrella, although being a native Oregonian I still carry one under the seat in my car!

Thanks for the funny post. You do have a way with words! ILY

Journey Wildly said...

I cannot comment on spring. We just moved to south Georgia in January and went from winter to summer.


It's in the freakin' nineties here now! My bacon is getting crispy. I need to utilize the sunscreen more than I do.

Happy Love Thursday!

rebecca said...

Great list. I, too, am ready for sun. Today was lovely, eh? Hope the sun sticks around for a while.

Love you!