Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lost words

(shadin' himself)

When you pray, move your feet.

~ African Proverb ~

I seem to have lost my words again. Maybe Carrie is right and there is a connection between how close the squirrels come and my finding the words. No close encounters lately. Sometimes they come when I call. Sometimes not. No one is eating from my hand.

Hmm. Guess there is a connection--or at least a coincidence. (Some day let's have a conversation about coincidence, shall we?)

Bear with me as I create this post to prime the pump. For a long time I practiced the "morning pages" of Julia Cameron's Artist's Way. At least I was writing. At least I was using my words. I know this will pass. It always does.

Thanks for coming by to visit. Leave a word or two. Maybe I'll find the trail.


SE'LAH... said...

Speaking of trail, tried trail mix for your furry friends?

I love coming here every day...your quoted, photos and words are all wonderful. See you again 2moro. ;-)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Well, sadly enough there is little I like hearing more than "Maybe Carrie was/is right."

I'll talk "coincidences" with you all day/every day. Of course the word should be expunged from our vocabularies.

vchelle said...

Sometimes it takes me minutes to think about what I want to write about but as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard, it's like music floats through the air from the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard.. And that's what you did Ms. Wanda. You played your own music on the keyboard today.. and I love it... Yes, let's talk about coincidence..

P.S. You leave some of the sweetest and beautiful messages on my blog and I want to say thank you!! I never know how to respond or the etiquette in responding in blogland but know that I so feel your sweet presence Ms. Wanda!

Joan said...

Oh, Wanda, you do have a way with words--words that make us think, words that make us laugh, words that make us scratch our heads, words that make us glad we know and love you! Not to worry, as you know this is only temporary.

Lots of interesting words will be used when we have our conversation about coincidence. I am eager to see if we all have the same interpretation of what it really is.

Christina said...

Oh my it's adorable. : )

The words, sometimes they just need to find their way back. Slowly huh? : )

She said...

I love the proverb at the top!

And you'll find your words. I have hope enough for you!

You need anything, let me know! k?