Sunday, May 31, 2009

my back yard

(when i look out back at a certain angle,
i feel like i am in the tropics)

It is useless to utter fervent petitions for that Kingdom to be established and that Will be done, unless we are willing to do something about it ourselves. ... We are agents of the Creative Spirit in this world. Real advance in the spiritual life means accepting this vocation with all it involves.

~ Evelyn Underhill ~
The Spiritual Life (1936)

Today two squirrels ate from my hand at the same time. They took turns--one on each end of the railing, he'd eat his hazelnut then run up to take another from me. Then he'd run back to the end of the rail while the other came to my hand for more.

Two at once! Never thought I'd see that happen.


Christina said...

Yep, it reminds me of Jamaica! ; )

She said...

Wow! Double wow! That quote! Geez!

How very timely.

Cool about the squirrels! Awesome backyard!

graceonline said...

Yes, yes and cool. Your back yard so-o-o looks like Portland--the scent of mist in the air, green everywhere. I love the quotes you've been giving us. They ground me. Your growing rapport with the squirrels delights.

vchelle said...

Beautiful backyard! Finally, the little fellas/girls ate from your hand... I knew it would happen..

SE'LAH... said...

I'm coming to camp out in your backyard! I'll be the one dressed up like a squirrel ;)

So glad you are the squirrels are getting along again.