Saturday, May 09, 2009

for meg

Reversal is the order of the day in the kingdom of God.

~ Robert McAfee Brown ~

Apparently Meg is having a bad day. So, to cheer her up, here's my response* to her DIY Friday Love List:

1. Song you love: One Love

2. Book you love: A Salty Piece of Land

3. Type of cuisine you love: Mexican

4. Beverage you love: Coffee

5. Type of cookie you love: Chocolate shortbread with chocolate nibs

6. Ice cream flavour (if you're Canadian) you love: Chocolate peanut butter

7. Place you love to go: Hawaii

8. Thing you love to drive: Volvo convertible

9. Place you love to live: Oregon

10. Movie you love: Sister Act

11. Time in your life you loved: Before I got sick

12. Person you love: SO

13. Cute picture of a baby animal you love (provide link): Baby geese

14. Item of clothing you love most (that you own): My lava blues sweatshirt

15. Way of relaxing you love best: Hanging out in mineral pools

(*These are the first answers that came to my head. )

How about your list? Leave your answers below or link to your own post. And I am sure that Meg would love to hear from you, too.


SE'LAH... said...

What a great list. My sisters and I watched Sister Act sooo many times :-)

I love JAH, my family and friends, life and mother nature...and so much more.

vchelle said...

I love life! I love writing! I love Peppermint tea! I love to love!!! Happy Weekend!

rebecca said...

Great list. I'll have to think about it.

Joan said...

I'm not good at this, but I will try for you, Wanda!

1. Song I love: I Will Always Love You

2. Book I love: Angels Among Us

3. Cuisine I love: Chinese

4. Beverage I love: Black Cherry Berry Iced Tea

5. Cookie I Love: Nestle's Toll House...right out of the oven!

6. Ice Cream Flavour I Love: Moose Tracks

7. Place I Love to Go: Big Horn Mountains

8. Thing I Love to Drive:
My pickup

9. Place I Love to Live: Wyoming

10. Movie I Love: Mama Mia

11. Time in My Life I Loved: When I was a younger mom and my kids were babies

12. Person You Love: My Thithter

13. Cute picture of a baby animal I love: moose--but I can't get a picture on here!

14: Item of clothing I love most: My worn out Cruel Girl jeans

15. Way of relaxing I love most: Crashing on the couch with my comfort quilt that my cousin Bev made for me.